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A Primer On Nfl Parlay Betting

For this reason, it will be difficult to implement solid strategies when using parlay bets as a lot of factors will not be in your control, most notably luck. A parlay bet is a type of wager that consists of two or more sporting selections (i.e., bets). In order to win this type of bet, all of the selections will need to be correct otherwise it would result in a losing bet.

Whats The Right Move: Should You Be Hedging Parlays In Sports Betting

Eventually it [link] became better regulated, but not before many legal operators left the market due to a 1951 tax. The Progressive Movement of the early 1900s initially stunted the spread of parlay card betting. But the arrival of the roaring 1920s, professional football, and better organized gambling syndicates brought them back. Find 3 or more integer spreads, those without ½ point increments. Bet favorite on card if ½ point is subtracted from spread. Research football and basketball ATS trends before making parlay card selections.

Football Parlay Wagering

Using the Bet Amount field, you can set the dollar amount you wish to bet on this particular parlay and your projected ROI, Win % and payout are calculated accordingly. Begin by selecting the games you’d like to consider in your parlay ticket. At the top of the page, you’ll find the option to include bets from Current Games or only those games from a specific date with the Games By Date Option.

In essence, parlay bettors are paying a premium for some additional entertainment value and the potential for greater returns. Bettors don’t have to stick to a single game or even just one sport when making their selections. Most parlay bettors are well versed in more than one sport, so it makes sense to use all of their knowledge when making creating their bet slips.

True Odds Parlay Payout Calculation

So if you want to parlay Rutgers or Seton Hall, you’re out of luck. Suppose you were interested in the Rams +10, Chargers -6.5, and Giants +7. If you placed a Round Robin wager, your bet would be divided into three 2-leg parlays (Rams/Chargers, Rams/Giants, and Chargers/Giants). This is usually denoted on the bet slip as “By 2s x3 wagers,” where 2 is the size of each parlay and 3 is the number of parlays. Like a traditional parlay, each teaser leg must win for the ticket to cash, with the only exception being a tie.

While the Parlay Generator doesn’t have serious analysis based on actual games, it’ll give you an idea of how much money you can make if you bet a certain amount on certain odds. Some sites won’t be able to accept wagers over a certain betting limit, but for normal bettors, the sites below should suffice. For example, if the Eagles are -3 on the parlay card but the line is at -5 at the major sportsbooks on Sunday, there is 2 points of value there.

The 6’11 interior presence has eight rebounds in every game, and has scored 39 points over his last two. Meanwhile Gonzaga transfer guard Aaron Brooks is averaging 14 points and 8.3 assists. We also have a traditional betting odds calculator for those instances where you’re only making a single bet and don’t need to crunch the numbers for an entire ticket. In the parlay number cruncher, you would add -200 for Bet 1, -110 for Bet 2, -145 for Bet 3, and -115 for Bet 4. The calculator does not need the 4.5 from the prop or the 6 from the totals bet.

Keep reading to learn how to use parlay betting strategies effectively. Of course, bettors should remember that the goal of sportsbooks is to make money off of bettors. Just like the goal of a car company is to make money by selling cars, or the goal of a restaurant is to make money by selling food to its customers. It is important for bettors not to let advertising completely distort a sustainably profitable betting strategy. Parlays are often considered a “sucker bet,” but NJ online sportsbooks are changing the equation, literally, for these high-variance plays.

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